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Oracle Masternodes

What do Oracle Masternodes do?

What is an Oracle Masternode?

Oracles act as consensus agents that retrieve real world sporting event data and record the outcomes on the blockchain. This is then used to by the network to determine winning bets. They also act as Masternodes in that they exclusively forge betting smart contracts backed by their collateral. They form a strong second tier network backbone that efficiently processes bets and events.

Why do i want one?

Oracles not only collect 50% of the betting fees for their work, but also win a portion of the fixed periodic block award. What’s more, the Wagerr tokens earned can increase in value as the Wagerr economy grows. Their status is so prestigious, that the number of Oracle Masternodes is limited to only 2000. This ensures fair compensation for their unique requirements.

What does a Transaction look like?