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Jan 15, 2018

Mainnet Release + Testnet

Wagerr Proof-of-Stake Mainnet launches with masternodes. The Testnet will develop in parallel, featuring a beta version of Head-to Head betting. The token swap from Waves to the Wagerr blockchain begins.

Late Q1 2018


The Wagerr blockchain mediates predictions between two players taking opposite sides on upcoming sporting events. The network fee for H2H bets is 2 percent of the payout. Half of this fee is distributed to the Oracle Masternode network for processing the transaction. The remaining half gets automatically destroyed.

Early Q2 2018

Affiliate referral system

Wagerr implements a system to reward ambassadors for bringing new business to Wagerr.

Late Q2 2018


Wagerr expands to include e-sports — competitive multiplayer professional video games and tournaments. Users can place head-to-head bets on next generation gaming leagues.

Late Q2 2018

Challenge Rematch

The wallet saves an address book of prior betting partners and friends, making it easy to reconnect for another challenge. Users can quickly message their contacts and request a rematch or a new match.

Mid Q3 2018


To increase liquidity on low volume events, the multi-user system allows multiple players to be matched against a single bettor. This ensures that large bets do not require an exact match to forge a contract. The network fee for this contract is 4 percent of the payout. Half the fee goes to the Oracle processing the transaction. The remaining half gets automatically destroyed.

Late Q3 2018

In-wallet currency interchange

Wagerr adds a multicurrency interchange directly within the HTML5 wallet. This functionality facilitates entry into the Wagerr network and an easy return to Bitcoin, altcoins, or fiat.

Late Q4 2018

Direct Chain

Wagerr gives players the option to skip the search for a perfect match and bet directly against the chain, which takes the other side of the bet automatically. The fee for this transaction is 6 percent. Half the fee goes to the Oracle Masternode that processes the request. The remaining half is automatically destroyed.

Q1 2019

Dynamic Odds

For Direct Chain betting, Wagerr incentivizes betting on the other side when the book becomes unbalanced.. This self-regulating protocol minimizes network payout liability and attracts traditional sports books to arbitrage their own imbalances by offloading liability to the Wagerr network.

Mid Q2 2019

Fantasy Sports

Users assemble virtual teams from players of professional sports leagues, then use Wagerr to bet on the outcomes of fantasy matches. Based on the real life performance of actual players, winning predictions are paid out automatically when Oracle Masternodes report consensus on performance statistics.

Late Q2 2019

Live betting

Wagerr lets users bet on games in progress. Users can take real-time lines to bet on micro events such as: who will score next; the score at end of quarter/period; the number of offsides; or the number of penalties in the game. Odds adjust dynamically to balance betting volume and direction.